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    Every cell in our body is made from the food we eat. To achieve optimum health, we have to feed our bodies the best building blocks we can obtain.

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    In my books I explain the science behind the Modern Mediterranean Diet and show you how fun and easy it is to integrate this way of eating in your daily life.

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    My blog covers a wide range of topics, including Mediterranean-diet news, the psychology of eating, and seasonal recipes. Subscribe to receive them by email.

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A seven-step guide showing you how you can shift, easily and painlessly, to the Modern Mediterranean Diet without moving to Italy, Greece or Spain!

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“I approached Conner Middelmann-Whitney to learn more about the Mediterranean diet. I could never have expected the impact her coaching has had upon my life. I learned to truly love my kitchen. I lowered my triglycerides by 200 points. And I learned how to have longer, more luscious meals–while losing weight and becoming more relaxed around mealtimes. Conner’s joyful and healing approach to food and life has been simply transformative.” Ken Page, LCSW, New York, NY

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Sometimes there’s nothing like an AICR press release to make you feel good about your lunch. You see, only minutes before perusing the latest communique from the American Institute of Cancer Research, I had enjoyed a steaming bowl of chicken curry comprising various vegetables (carrots, onions, mushrooms, leeks, peas and Brussels sprouts), herbs and spices […]

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Chermoula-marinated shrimps, bean and tomato salad 1

I love a good cookout – after all, al fresco meals are the quintessence of Mediterranean summer dining. Nonetheless, I get a little nervous about the health implications of some of the foods traditionally eaten at summer picnics and barbecues. So at the risk of sounding like a killjoy, I want to show you here […]

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Last year I had the great honor of being interviewed by the BBC’s Sheila Dillon about the link between diet and cancer for the Food Programme, the venerable broadcaster’s weekly food show that’s currently in its 35th year. If you missed the show when it was first aired, you can now listen to it here. […]

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Farro, kale and bean salad with oven-roasted tomatoes

When people talk about “healthy diets” they typically think of their own health, rather than that of the planet. Earth Day is a useful reminder that we can’t be healthy if our environment is ailing, and that the food we eat is every bit as important to the well-being of Mother Earth as it is […]

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