Anti-Cancer Coaching Program

This coaching program is for you if you are preparing for, undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment. While diet alone cannot cure or prevent cancer, a nutritious and delicious diet can keep you going through treatment and may strengthen your body’s anti-cancer mechanisms.

This program is based on the four pillars of anti-cancer living developed by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber in Anticancer: A New Way of Life - diet, stress management, exercise and chemical exposures.

Our work begins with a 90 minute nutrition evaluation at which we discuss medical history, lifestyle and diet. We talk about the link between cancer, diet and lifestyle, and about the risk factors we can and can’t control. Sign up for your nutritional evaluation here.

Once your coaching program starts, we meet weekly and each session lasts 50 minutes.

Session 1 - Sugar and carbs: Do they feed cancer? “Good” vs. “bad” carbs. Carbs’ effect on cancer. Healthy alternatives to sugar.

Session 2 - Fats & protein: Does meat or fat cause cancer? Should I be vegan?

Session 3 - Meal Planning: To help you eat a super healthy diet when your energy, time or budget are limited.

Session 4 - Inflammation: The flame that fuels cancer and how to quench it with the help of diet and lifestyle.

Session 5 - Mighty microbiome: Healthy gut microbes, our staunchest allies against disease.

Session 6 - Avoiding toxic chemicals: Healthy kitchen; healthy home. Reducing environmental toxins.

Session 7 - Rest and relaxation: Beat stress and sleep yourself healthy, two major cancer protectors.

Session 8 - Get moving: Physical activity to lower cancer risk.

This program includes:

Meetings in person at my Boulder or Denver offices or via video conference.

Additional sessions or half-sessions can be scheduled after the program.