Coaching & Group Programs

We all need support to thrive. Yet how we each desire to be supported can be different.

Receive the unique support you need to dive in deeply toward your optimal health goals and avoid future challenging (or bigger) health issues

5-month Mediterranean Makeover (Reboot) 1-on-1 Coaching Program

This program offers a proven support program that is customizable to meet your specific needs and life style. Regular meetings are essential to build and keep momentum going. In-between sessions we keep in touch via email and your online food journal. Learn more

Do you get your wins from collaboration with others? Want the cheerleading and accountability from a small group of your peers?

6-month Metabolic Reboot Group Coaching Program

Research shows that losing weight and getting fit is often easier in groups than alone. Not only because it’s simply more fun to learn, move and grow together; it can also be reassuring to know that others are in the same boat and have the same struggles. This group program provides the best of both worlds. A one-on-one coaching session with Conner as well as the group support you need to make your life-style changes a win.Learn more

Are you struggling with a short-term and specific health issue? There are health or life related circumstances when a few sessions is all you need or can do.

Short-Term Coaching for Specific Health Concerns

Realizing optimal health takes time. However, there are specific times when immediate is powerful. Let’s talk if you meet any of the below specific situations and feel short-term coaching is the right option for you. Learn more

  • Pre-habilitation
  • Short-term special diets
  • Weight gain after involuntary weight-loss
  • Short-term support for nutritional complications of cancer treatment