Single consultations

If you already eat a healthy diet but want to make a few tweaks to optimize it, you can schedule a single nutrition consultation with me (rather than hiring me for ongoing diet & lifestyle coaching). "One-off" consultations can last 60 or 90 minutes (see below) and are suited to concerns such as:

  • Meal Planning: We plan a week's meals based on the recommendations from your Nutrition Evaluation.
  • Help starting a special diet: Ketogenic, low-FODMAP, Whole30, elimination diet, gluten-free, dairy-free, anti-candida, etc.
  • Nutritional pre-habilitation: Diet & lifestyle advice for people preparing for surgery, cancer treatment, etc.
  • Nutritional rehabilitation: Diet & lifestyle advice for people recovering from surgery, cancer treatment, prolonged illness, etc.

Individual consultations are preceded by a 90-minute Nutrition Evaluation to discuss your medical history, lifestyle, diet and health issues. 

Single consultations are held in person at my Boulder or Denver offices or via video conference. Fee: $100/hour.