Short-Term Coaching for Specific Health Concerns

While I encourage you to take a long-term approach to health coaching (see Mediterranean Reboot program), there are some very specific circumstances when it may not be necessary or practical to sign up for a six-month program.

    These include:

  • Pre-habilitation: Diet & lifestyle support for people preparing for surgery, cancer treatment
  • Short-term special diets: If your doctor has recommended a therapeutic diet for a limited period (e.g., low-FODMAP, soft-food or elemental diet), I can help you put this in place.
  • Weight gain after involuntary weight-loss: If you have lost weight involuntarily due to illness or cancer treatment, I can advise you on ways to regain muscle mass and healthy fat reserves.
  • Short-term support for nutritional complications of cancer treatment (e.g. diarrhea, nausea, constipation, weight loss).

If you need immediate and short-term support, one of these coaching programs that comprise of four hyper-focused sessions on the specific issue you are dealing with might be the perfect place to start your journey to optimal health.

  1. First 90 minute meeting we discuss your medical history, health status, diet and lifestyle and I provide a series of nutritional recommendations. We set up an online food journal so you can track your meals for success and support
  2. Our second 90 minute meeting is a week later. We review your food journal entries and we design a meal plan (with recipes) tailored to your needs.
  3. Third meeting is two to four weeks later (60 minutes) to assess how you’re doing and trouble-shoot any difficulties you might be having
  4. Fourth and final session of this program is a month later. We meet (60 minutes) to assess where you are at now with reaching your goal and tie up any loose ends

Your investment: $460

If, in the course of the short coaching program, you think you’d like longer-term support, you can upgrade to the five-month Mediterranean reboot program at no extra cost.