Nutritional Evaluation

Whether you plan to sign up for one of my coaching programs or simply want a "nutrition audit," our collaboration begins with this 90-minute meeting. Ahead of this session, you complete a questionnaire about your diet and lifestyle. At our meeting, --

  1. We take an in-depth look at your health status and medical history, lab results, diet, supplements and lifestyle.
  2. I describe to you the main principles of the Modern Mediterranean diet as they relate to your specific health concerns.
  3. We agree realistic goals for you (e.g., "Lose XX inches around the waist," "Reduce carb intake," or "Eat  more vegetables.") .

After the Nutrition Evaluation, you can sign up for one of my coaching programs to help you achieve the health goals we set for you. You also receive a handbook that explains in simple terms the principles of the Modern Mediterranean Diet. 

Nutrition Evaluations are held in person at my Boulder or Denver offices or by video conference.