Monthly Nutrition Workshops

Learn how you can boost your body’s natural defenses against disease, and support your recovery by eating delicious, nutritious foods. Get answers to your questions about healthy eating. Practical support in the form of recipes, handouts, and articles will be provided. Workshops also provide a forum for participants to support each other and exchange information and ideas.

Inflammation, the fuel that feeds cancer.
Diet and lifestyle can increase – or lower – inflammation, a key driver of chronic disease (cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, Alzheimer’s, etc.).

Weight management
How your weight affects your cancer risks, and strategies for weight loss/gain.

Sugar and carbohydrates: Do they cause cancer?
The media keep telling us that sugar feeds cancer. Let me tell you why this is only partially true, and show you which carbohydrates to eat, and which ones to avoid.

Debunking dietary myths
You’re in for a surprise when you discover that some foods may not be as healthy, and others not as unhealthy as you think.

New Year’s Resolutions
Ten ways you can reduce your cancer risk in 2018, and an Envisioning Exercise to help you adopt healthy new behaviors.

When: 5:30-7:00 p.m. Second Monday of every month.
Where: Tebo Family Medical Building, 4715 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder
Cost: $10 per session
RSVP: To sign up, contact Conner by email or text (720-289-1958)