Family Nutrition

Whether toddlers or teens, it’s never too early or late to teach your children how to enjoy healthy food. I present a child and teen friendly introduction to nutrition in your home that explains the basics of healthy eating in terms easily accessible to children.

After we have discussed the basic principles of healthy eating, we shop together. Then we head to your kitchen to cook some healthy, child friendly meals.

Workshop outline:

  1. Healthy Eating Made Easy: 2 hours – interactive presentation with time for questions and answers. The presentation includes sections on healthy weight, sports nutrition, nourishing healthy brains, etc.
  2. Let’s go shopping: 2 hours - A guided trip around your family’s regular supermarket where I explain to you and your kids how to spot healthy food, read food labels, etc.
  3. Let’s get cooking: 2 hours minimum - Healthy Breakfasts
  4. Let’s get cooking: 2 hours minimum - Quick and healthy snacks
  5. Let’s get cooking: 2 hours minimum - Quick and easy weeknight dinners

Includes a copy of my book, Zest for Life