Family Coaching

It's hard to feed modern families. Between parents' work schedules, kids' after-school activities, individuals' dietary preferences and the constant lure of fast food and junk, many parents struggle to teach their kids how to nourish themselves adequately. However, nutritional competence is a key skill your children will need when they leave home. If you don't teach them, who will? 

Even in homes where there are no children, many couples struggle to find common dietary ground. Thus, shopping, food prep and mealtimes come to feel like a dreaded chore, rather than an opportunity to relax and reconnect.

I have designed this fun, hands-on program for couples and families with children of all ages who want to learn about healthy eating in the comfort of their home. It combines nutrition education, a guided shopping trip around your favorite supermarket and three cooking classes in your kitchen. 

Workshop outline:

  1. Healthy Eating Made Easy (2 hours): Introduction to the basic principles of healthy eating supported by a PowerPoint presentation. We address topics of specific relevance to the family; these may include allergies, sports nutrition, mood and brain health, immune support, healthy weight, dietary preferences (e.g. when a vegetarian and an omnivore live together), etc. (Topics agreed with you ahead of time). I show you how meal planning can help you save time and money while increasing the nutritional quality of your meals.
  2. Let’s go shopping (2 hours): A guided trip around your family’s regular supermarket where I explain to you and your children how to identify healthy food, read food labels, etc.
  3. Let’s get cooking (2 hours): Healthy Breakfasts
  4. Let’s get cooking (2 hours): Quick and healthy snacks
  5. Let’s get cooking (2 hours): Quick and easy weeknight dinners

Includes a copy of my book, Zest for Life

The Family Coaching program comprises five two-hour sessions. Fee: $950. Additional sessions can be scheduled at a fee of $95/hour.