Family Coaching

Between parents' work schedules, kids' after-school activities, everybody's dietary preferences and the constant lure of junk food, feeding modern families can be challenging. Nutritional competence is a key skill your children will need when they leave home, however. If you don't teach them, who will? 

I have designed this fun, hands-on program for families with children of all ages who want to learn about healthy eating in the comfort of their home. It combines nutrition education, a guided shopping trip around your favorite supermarket and three cooking classes in your kitchen. 

Program outline:

  1. Healthy Eating Made Easy (2 hours): Child-friendly overview of the basic principles of healthy eating. We address topics of specific relevance to the family; these may include allergies, sports nutrition, mood and brain health, immune support, healthy weight, dietary preferences (e.g. when a vegetarian and an omnivore live together), etc. (Topics agreed with you ahead of time). I show you how meal planning can help you save time and money while increasing the nutritional quality of your meals.
  2. Let’s go shopping (2 hours): A guided trip around your family’s regular supermarket where I explain to you and your children how to identify healthy food, read food labels, etc.
  3. Let’s get cooking (2 hours): Healthy Breakfasts & snacks
  4. Let’s get cooking (2 hours): Quick and easy weeknight dinners

The Family Coaching program comprises four two-hour sessions. Fee: $1,000 (plus travel time if you live more than 10 miles from Boulder). If desired, additional sessions can be scheduled at a fee of $125/hour.