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Mediterranean Turbo Charge (3 sessions)

If you already eat a healthy diet but want to make adjustments to optimize your nutritional health, this short-term, intense program is the one for you. It’s designed for people with such concerns as:

  • “Borderline” lab test results (e.g. mildly elevated blood pressure or glucose, pre-diabetes, slightly imbalanced blood lipids)
  • Needing help starting on a special diet (e.g., gluten-free, ketogenic, low-FODMAP, elimination diet)
  • Rehabilitation coaching for people recovering from surgery, cancer treatment, prolonged illness
  • “Pre-habilitation” coaching for people preparing for surgery, cancer treatment, etc.
  • Optimizing children’s nutrition (nutrition plays an important role in ADHD, autism, allergies, etc.)
  • Family history of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc. (for healhty people wishing to reduce their risk of developing these diseases)
  • Athletes wanting to optimize pre- and post-workout nutrition

Here’s what a typical turbo-charge program looks like (adapted to your specific health concern):

  • FREE introductory call (30 minutes) to assess your health issues and discuss how I can best support you.
  • Session 1: Intake consultation (90 minutes. We assess your health status, medical history, lab tests and current diet. We set goals for our work together and create your online food journaling account. I issue general nutritional recommendations.
  • Session 2: Meal planning & recipes (90 minutes). I show you easy, tasty ways to “Mediterraneanize” your daily diet and uggest foods and meals that are suitable for your condition.
  • Session 3: Fine-tuning your diet. Once you’ve eaten this way for two weeks, we meet again to fine-tune and trouble-shoot where necessary (60 minutes).

Fee*: $100/hour. This includes:

  • A copy of my book, Zest for Life
  • Handouts and recipes
  • Online food journal feedback in-between sessions

(Minimum 3 sessions. Additional sessions ranging from 30 to 60 minutes, charged at the same fee ($50/half hour, $100/hour), can be scheduled after the completion of the program.)

*I offer reduced fees to people with budgetary constraints; please inquire. 

Mediterranean Make-Over (8 sessions)

If you have long-standing imbalances that require a more gradual approach, this is the program for you. It’s designed for people with chronic health concerns such as:

  • Metabolic syndrome (e.g., pre-diabetes, fatty liver disease, hypertension, overweight/obesity, insulin resistance, high triglycerides & LDL, low HDL)
  • Digestive complaints (e.g., irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), acid reflux/GERD, food allergies)
  • Immune problems (e.g., frequent respiratory tract infections, thrush/candida overgrowth, sinusitis, autoimmune disease)
  • Hormonal/reproductive problems (e.g., PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fibroids, fertility problems)
  • Neurological conditions (e.g. seizure disorder, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS)

Because we are all biochemically unique, Mediterranean make-overs are closely tailored to each client’s needs. To give you an idea of the sorts of topics we will cover, here’s what a typical program might look like (adapted to your specific health concern). Each session lasts 50 minutes:

  • FREE 30-minute call: To discuss your health problems and how I could help you tackle them.
  • Session 1: Intake consultation (90 minutes): We assess your health status, medical history, lab tests and current diet. We set goals for our work together and create your online food journaling account; introduction to the Modern Mediterranean diet.
  • Session 2: Carbs. “Good” vs “bad” carbs. Balancing blood sugar.
  • Session 3: Fats. “Good” vs “bad” fats. Animal vs. plant fats. Cholesterol & heart disease.
  • Session 4: Protein. Animal vs. plan protein. “Good” vs. “bad” protein. How much do you need?
  • Session 5: Meal planning. Easy, tasty ways to get healthy carbs, fats and proteins into your daily diet.
  • Session 6: Mighty microbiome. How to optimize your microbiome, which is involved in almost every aspect of health.
  • Session 7: Inflammation. Its role in disease and how you can reduce it with diet & lifestyle.
  • Session 8: Sleep, stress and mindful meals. How chronic stress and sleep problems affect our health. Tools for mindful eating; stress management; sleep optimization.

Fee*: $120 for the intake consultation; $75 for each subsequent coaching session

This includes:

  • A copy of my book, Zest for Life
  • Handouts and recipes
  • Online food journal feedback in-between sessions for the first month

Minimum 8 sessions; additional consultations of 25 or 50 minutes and charged at the same fee ($38/half-hour, $75/hour) can be scheduled at the end of the program, if desired.

*I offer reduced fees to people with budgetary constraints; please inquire. 

Private Cooking Classes

Culinary Edutainment!

  • Do you eat out – or take out – more than twice a week?
  • Would you like to cook more meals from scratch, but lack time and culinary confidence?
  • Do you need to eat a special diet? (E.g., Gluten-free, low-FODMAP, paleo, keto, low-carb, paleo, elimination diet, etc.)?
  • Do you want to eat a more nutritious diet?

If so, I will teach you how to cook simple, healthy meals – tailored to your dietary needs – in the comfort of your home. This is educational and entertaining -- and can be especially fun when you include friends and family members. (Great dinner-party concept!)

I am a seasoned cook and recipe writer (I have published two cookbooks), and all my dishes combine healthfulness with deliciousness. (See some pictures of my meals here.)

Here’s how it works:

  1. We schedule a 30-minute call to discuss your requirements and set a date for the class. (Click here to schedule the call.)
  2. When we speak, you explain your dietary needs or thematic interests, and I send you some recipe suggestions.
  3. Based on the recipes you have selected, I email you a shopping list and you buy the necessary ingredients (if you aren’t sure what to buy, or where, you can book a guided shopping trip with me here).
  4. I come to your house and we prep and cook together; throughout the class, I explain the nutritional properties of the foods we are preparing and teach you healthy cooking techniques.
  5. Once the dishes are ready, you can sit down to a relaxed family meal – or if you prefer, refrigerate or freeze the dishes for another time.

Number of participants: Maximum 8; children over age 8 are welcome, but must be supervised by a parent/guardian at all times

Timing: Minimum 3 hours

Fee: $120 per hour spent cooking together

This includes:

  • Time spent planning the class
  • A print-out of the recipes we cook together, for you to keep
  • My travel cost (if you live more than 10 miles from central Boulder)

Click here to schedule a free call to discuss a cooking class you'd like to host.

Family Nutrition Workshops

Whether your kids are toddlers or teens, it’s never too early – or too late – to teach them how to select enjoy healthy food. I come to your home and present a child- and teen-friendly introductory nutrition course that explains the basics of healthy eating in terms that are easily accessible to children. After we have talked about the basic principles of healthy eating, we go on a shopping trip together, after which we head to your kitchen to cook a few healthy, child-friendly meals.

Typical program outline (can be tweaked to your needs):

  1. Healthy Eating Made Easy (1½ to 2 hours – highly interactive presentation, questions and answers); the presentation includes sections on healthy weight, sports nutrition, nourishing healthy brains, etc.
  2. Let’s go shopping (about 2 hours): A guided trip around your family’s regular supermarket where I explain to you and your kids how to spot healthy food, read food labels, etc.
  3. Let’s get cooking (2-3 hours): Healthy Breakfasts
  4. Let’s get cooking (2-3 hours): Quick and healthy snacks
  5. Let’s get cooking (2-3 hours): Quick and easy weeknight dinners

Cost: $100/hour

Guided Shopping Trips

Grocery shopping is a daunting task. Shoppers have to choose between thousands of foods all trumpeting dubious health claims and often hiding unsavory ingredients. Let me simplify your shopping life by taking you around your usual grocery store and showing you which foods to choose, and which to limit or avoid altogether. In fact, a 2012 study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior found that people who received a short nutrition counseling session before grocery shopping bought more healthy items, like fruits and vegetables, than those who received no shopping guidance.

How it works: We arrange to meet at the store where you buy most of your groceries and as we walk around the aisles, I tell you what to look out for – e.g., how to read labels, how to spot nutrient-dense produce, how to save money, how you can tell which fish is freshest, and which foods you should be eating for your particular health issues.

Maximum group size: 5

Cost: $100/hour