1-on-1 Coaching

Mediterranean Makeover 

Many people come to me with complex health problems that have accumulated over many years, like weight gain, digestive problems, bone loss, elevated blood pressure, glucose or cholesterol*. Diet and lifestyle change can significantly improve these issues. This usually requires a series of gradual changes implemented over a period of time, however; there is no quick fix for complex problems.

It is for these folks that I have created the Mediterranean Makeover. This coaching program comprises 12 meetings over a period of five months. It takes at least this much time (and often more) to un-learn habits that no longer serve you and replace them with behaviors to help you feel like your younger, fitter self once again.  

During the first month, we meet every week to kick-start the program and build a solid foundation. It’s important that you have time and space in your life to commit to this (i.e., a time when you aren’t traveling, having surgery, changing jobs or moving house). Then the pace slows and we meet every other week. Regular meetings are essential to keep momentum going. Some people continue monthly meetings after the five-month program ends to help them stay on track. 

Our sessions take place at my Boulder or Denver office or via video-conferencing (or a combination of all of these). If you live in the Boulder/Denver area, some of your sessions can take the form of a guided shopping trip or a cooking class at your home (with your family). 

During our meetings we don’t just look at dietary factors that influence metabolic health (for example, which types of carbohydrate and fat are best, how much protein you should eat, gut health, meal timing, caffeine, alcohol, etc.), but also at lifestyle factors like sleep, stress and exercise. Since it takes on average 66 days to form a new habit, we tackle these one-by-one so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. And if you are an emotional eater (many of us are!), we will work on ways to heal your relationship with food. 

While much of the material we cover in our sessions is theoretical, I give you fun practical projects each time we meet to help you apply in daily life what we discussed. These may include recipes or new foods to try out, meal planning, buying a certain type of kitchen equipment, reading an article, watching a video, etc. 

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Your investment: $1,197

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*If you are taking medications to control your symptoms or are undergoing cancer treatment, please tell your doctor that you are making dietary and lifestyle changes and ask them to supervise you closely. Diet & lifestyle changes can affect the way your drugs work and your doctor may need to modify your drug dosages. 

Short-term coaching

Not everyone needs long-term nutritional support. Some people just want to make a few tweaks to their already healthy diet; others need dietary guidance to help them prepare for — or recover from — medical treatments or other special circumstances.

This short-term coaching program is designed for people with specific dietary challenges, for instance:

  • Someone preparing for cancer treatment or surgery (prehabilitation), or recovering form these (rehabilitation)
  • A person needing help with nutritional complications of cancer treatment (e.g. diarrhea, nausea, weight loss, constipation, etc.)
  • Someone starting a therapeutic diet their doctor has ordered (e.g. gluten-free, low-FODMAP, soft-food, keto)
  • Someone preparing for an athletic event, pregnancy or exotic travel who wants to optimize their nutritional health

The program totals four hours broken down into three sessions (90 + 90 + 60 minutes) and takes about one month to complete.

  • Our first meeting is an 90-minute  intake session during which we look at your medical history, labs & health challenges; I explain to you the basic principles of the Modern Mediterranean diet and issue dietary recommendations tailored to your needs. In some cases, I recommend setting up a food journaling account to help us both better understand what you eat. 
  • At our second meeting (90 minutes) we design a meal plan for you that includes recipes, shopping and cooking tips. 
  • At our final session (60 minutes) we fine-tune your dietary program, trouble-shoot any issues that may have come up for you, and tie up loose ends.

Meetings take place in person at my Boulder or Denver offices or by video-conferencing, if you live further afield. 

Cost: $497.

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