Mediterranean Make-Over

mediterranean food ingredientsThe traditional Mediterranean diet boasts a proud scientific pedigree: hundreds of studies have shown that this way of eating can help: –

  • Lower blood pressure, regulate cholesterol and reduce overall cardiovascular disease risk
  • Attain and maintain healthy weight
  • Cut the risk of diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Boost fertility and reduce the incidence of birth defects
  • Alleviate depression and improve cognition
  • Extend overall life span

There’s nothing “magical” about the Mediterranean diet; it simply brings together a wide variety of very nutritious foods and excludes the highly processed calories that dominate modern diets. Moreover, most Mediterranean-style meals are quick and easy to prepare and affordable, since most of the ingredients are plant-based.

Thankfully, the Mediterranean diet requires no sacrifice. Unlike with so many other “health-diets,” you won’t have to give up fats, meat or grains; instead, you will learn to choose healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates and to avoid the unhealthy ones.

Mediterranean Make-Over (10 sessions*)

Many people are confused by contradictory dietary information offered by the media, doctors, friends and family. To help cut through the confusion, I have designed this program that will show you how easy and delicious it is to shift from a “western” diet to the much healthier Mediterranean style of eating.

The program is a mix of “theory” and “practice”: first we take a look at the science behind the Mediterranean diet’s health benefits, and then we apply this through fun, practical assignments involving shopping, cooking, and trying out new behaviors at the dinner table. We also touch on lifestyle factors such as enjoyable physical activity, relaxation and stress-reduction.

During our first consultation, which lasts 1½ hours, we discuss your current eating patterns and health status and set goals for your coaching program. The nine subsequent sessions last 50 minutes each and provide theory and practice in small, manageable units, enabling you to easily absorb the new information. In-between sessions you keep a food diary and carry out simple homework assignments to help you discover how to eat like a Mediterranean.

The program typically includes nine of the following topics, selected according to your personal requirements*:

  • Macro- & micro-nutrients (fats, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, etc.) and their roles in health
  • The science behind the Mediterranean Diet: How can this diet help YOU?
  • Blood-sugar, insulin and their effects on health
  • Mediterranean super-foods: A look at the health benefits of the region’s healthiest foods
  • Optimizing digestion, absorption, elimination and detoxification
  • How the Mediterranean diet can boost immune health and cool inflammation
  • Weight management: Attaining and maintaining healthy weight (without suffering)
  • Meal composition and meal planning; how to save time and money
  • Siesta magic: How relaxation and stress reduction can boost our health
  • Le plaisir de la table”: The importance of enjoying our food
  • Physical activity: How to get and stay fit (without suffering)
  • Food quality, shopping and storage; organic vs. non-organic
  • Mediterranean conviviality: The health benefits of eating with others
  • How you can “Mediterraneanize” your diet: 10 easy “tweaks” to upgrade your diet

*If you’d like to delve even deeper after your 10-session program, you can book additional modules at the same fee of $65 per session.

Included in the program:

  • Reading material sent to you after each session to deepen the information covered
  • Everyday Mediterranean, a selection of eight seasonal, gluten-free recipes (1 breakfast, 2 vegetarian/vegan, 2 fish, 2 meat and 1 dessert) — complete with nutrition tips, meal-planning template and shopping list — sent to you free of charge each month during the program
  • A copy of Zest for Life: The Mediterranean Anti-Cancer Diet
  • Reasonable email support between sessions

Cost: $695 payable in two instalments ($110 for the initial consultation and $65 per 45-minute coaching session)