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Do you want to cook more meals from scratch? Reduce the stress of dinner preparation? Are you looking for recipes that aren’t just delicious, but healthy too? Want to shift to a Mediterranean Diet without signing up for a coaching program?

Modern Mediterranean Meal Plans deliver more than “just recipes.” Each month you receive 10 delicious recipes that are gluten-free, rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, all with a moderate glycemic impact.

Each issue features beautifully photographed breakfast, vegetarian, fish, meat dishes and desserts made from easy-to-obtain, affordable ingredients that are simple to prepare, even for the novice cook.

You also get science-based health information about each dish, cooking tips, and meal-planning tools to save you time and money. Treat yourself – or a friend – to Modern Mediterranean Meal Plans!

All the recipes in Modern Mediterranean Meal Plans are:

  • mark-glutenfree

    Many people avoid gluten for health reasons. Modern Mediterranean Meal Plans show you how easy it is to eat delicious, easy-to-prepare dishes while avoiding gluten-containing grains.

  • mark-nocarb
    Low Carb/Low-glycemic

    Sugar and refined carbohydrates tend to push blood-sugar levels higher and are linked to various health problems. Our recipes are designed to have a modest glycemic impact.

  • mark-pumpkin

    Eating with the seasons — for instance, asparagus in spring, tomatoes in the summer, mushrooms in fall and root vegetables in winter — enables us to obtain a very wide range of nutrients from fresh, locally-grown foods.

  • mark-leaf
    Heavily Plant Based

    Most plants — e.g. vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds — are packed with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer compounds. They feature prominently in Modern Mediterranean Meal Plans.

How it Works

  • icon-calendarOnce a month you receive a carefully balanced selection of 10 healthy Mediterranean-inspired meals in your email inbox.
  • icon-place-settingEach Modern Mediterranean Meal Plan features 1 breakfast dish, 2 vegetarian/vegan dishes, 2 fish dishes, 2 meat dishes and 1 dessert, as well as 2 bonus recipes.
  • icon-infoEach recipe contains nutrition notes explaining what makes it healthy, and a color photograph of the dish.
  • icon-basketYou also receive a meal-planning and a shopping-list template that will help you plan all the week’s meals and get organized.

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  • 2 vegetarian/vegan dishes
  • 2 fish dishes
  • 2 meat dishes
  • 1 dessert
  • 2 bonus recipes

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  • 2 vegetarian/vegan dishes
  • 2 fish dishes
  • 2 meat dishes
  • 1 dessert
  • 2 bonus recipes

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“I enjoy cooking and eating beautiful, delicious food and do not like to be restricted too much. Conner’s recipes provide the perfect balance between “tasty” and “healthy,” and when I eat them I know I am nourishing every cell in my body. I feel more satisfied, my sleep is better and I am losing weight. My husband, my guests and I eat normal, delicious food, and I do not feel on a diet.” E.M., London