Why Hire Me for Nutrition Couching?

Did you know that most diets fail after seven days? That’s because shifting to a healthier diet is more than just filling the cupboards with new foods and good intentions.


Not only are we all too frequently tempted by our old eating habits, but many of us are utterly confused by the contradictory nutrition information we hear and read every day, and don’t know what really constitutes a “healthy diet.”

Let me help you find a healthy way of eating that best suits your goals and lifestyle, and still includes some of your favorite foods. I combine science-based nutrition education with fun, practical projects and weekly face-to-face conversations to help you become your very own nutrition expert.

We start by adding delicious, healthy foods to your current diet. Next, we gradually remove less-healthy items, thus transitioning you to a more sustainable, nutritious way of eating without any feelings of shock or deprivation.

To help you stay the course, I will support you as long as you need. For some people this may be as little as three sessions, while others may wish to work with me longer than that. Check out my coaching packages below.

No matter where you live, I’ll work with you

Boulder, Colorado

If you live in Boulder, I’ll come to your home for a kitchen-table consultation and a pantry make-over. Together we’ll design a one-week meal plan and go food shopping.


If you live further-away, I’ll coach you via Internet-video-based calls. I am trilingual in English, French and German and work with people all over the world.

Book a free 20-minute chat to discuss how I can support you.

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Coaching plans to suit all needs and budgets

  • coner-ipad-square
    Introducing the Modern Mediterranean Diet

    1 session This 60-minute video conversation introduces you to the Mediterranean Diet and explains how it can protect your health. Educational, not therapeutic.

  • intermediate-coach

    3 sessions Here I tailor the Modern Mediterranean Diet to your specific health needs and show you simple, practical ways to integrate it into your daily life.

  • conner-inhome1

    3 sessions Not local? I’ll come to you and help get your Modern Mediterranean diet started right in your own kitchen with a convenient remote session.

  • grocery-store
    Living Like A Mediterranean

    Open ended The Advanced Program builds on the Intermediate Program and comprises regular 45-minute Internet-video-based coaching sessions to help you stay on track.

  • anticancer-ribbon
    Anticancer Nutrition Coaching

    Six Sessions Trying to eat an anticancer diet can be fraught with stress because so much nutrition advice is contradictory and confusing. I’m here to help.

  • meal-logger-square
    Mediterranean Food Journaling

    Open ended One-to-one app-based support for people who aren’t seeking a full coaching program, or who have completed a coaching program and want ongoing support.

To support you on your nutritional journey, I provide

  • icon-nutrition
    Nutritional Information

    in fun and user-friendly formats, to help you understand the foods you are eating and what effects – beneficial or harmful – they may have on your health

  • icon-nutrition
    Practical advice

    About food preparation: meal planning, shopping advice, food storage, cooking implements, cooking methods, etc.

  • icon-nutrition
    Monthly meal plans and recipes

    that are gluten-free, anti-inflammatory and include vegetarian options, sent to you by email.

  • icon-nutrition
    Tools to tackle the emotional issues

    linked to food, helping you overcome cravings, over-eating, snacking and other unhelpful habits.

Health Questionnaire

Once you have arranged your first consultation with me, please complete my Client Intake Health Questionnaire Form. To do so, simply click the button below and fill out the fields on the next page. To finish, hit submit at the end of the page, and I will be sent your completed form. I will get back to you as soon as I can, and then you can start getting the advise you are looking for!



“With Conner’s help, I have emerged from the “diet jungle” and now know which foods to choose and which to stay away from. Conner is extremely enthusiastic, knowledgeable and diligent. We started by working in great detail on my health history, including my constraints and requirements, and from day one I was preparing easy, attractive and delicious meals that made me feel better day by day. Literally day by day.”  E.M., London

“Conner is so knowledgeable. She had the most amazing recipes and offered alternative ideas to cooking that were quite exciting. I learned a lot by working with her and would not hesitate to work with her again or refer clients or friends, which I already have! Conner is not only knowledgeable but also a delight to work with. I am very pleased to have her now as a ‘go to’ for anything nutrition oriented!” Cari Marshall, Las Vegas, Nevada