Mediterranean Turbocharge

If you already eat a nutritious diet but want to make adjustments to optimize your nutritional health, this short, intense program is for you. It’s designed for concerns such as:

  • Borderline lab test results: Moderately elevated blood pressure, pre-diabetes, slightly imbalanced blood lipids, etc.
  • Help starting a special diet: Gluten-free, ketogenic, low-FODMAP, elimination diet, etc.
  • Pre-habilitation coaching: For people preparing for surgery, cancer treatment, etc.
  • Rehabilitation coaching: For people recovering from surgery, cancer treatment, prolonged illness, etc.
  • Optimizing children’s nutrition: Nutrition plays an important role in ADHD, autism and allergies, and is crucial for healthy, happy children. (I also coach families at home, including guided shopping and cooking classes -- see here.)
  • Preventing chronic disease: For healthy people wishing to reduce their risk of developing cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc. (Especially if you have a family history of these diseases.)
  • Athletic performance: For people wishing to optimize pre- and post-workout nutrition.

Before we begin the "Mediterranean Turbocharge" program, we meet for a 90-minute Nutrition Evaluation to discuss your medical history, lifestyle, diet and health issues. (Sign up for your nutritional evaluation here.) This is followed three coaching sessions to help you integrate and fine-tune my recommendations.  

Session 1 - Getting started: We set goals for our work together (e.g., "Reduce carb intake to XXg per meal," "Lose 3 inches around the waist" or "Eat more vegetables"), review review nutrition fundamentals and create your online food journal.   

Session 2 - Meal planning & recipes: We plan a week's worth of meals designed to help you reach your goals; I provide recipes for you to try.

Session 3 - Fine tune your diet: Once you’ve eaten this way for two weeks, we meet again to fine tune and troubleshoot where necessary.

This program includes:

  • A copy of my book, Zest for Life
  • Handouts and recipes
  • Weekly homework assignments to help you apply what you have learned
  • Feedback on your online food journal between sessions

Sessions last 50 minutes are held in person at my Boulder or Denver offices or via video conference. Additional sessions or half-sessions can be scheduled after the program.