We have entered uncharted territory. In a matter of days, life as we knew it has disappeared and been replaced by uncertainty, fear and a sense of powerlessness.

In times like these, it’s more important than ever to take good care of ourselves — not only to support our defenses against the coronavirus, but also because self-care behaviors can help structure our days and give us a reason to get up in the morning. Remember, just because your life has been turned upside-down, your usual self-care routines have not become pointless — in fact, they’re more important that ever!

I want to reassure all my clients that I am in full health and will continue to support you in lots of different ways (yay, Internet). These include:

1. Individual consultations via video-conferencing (Zoom) to —

  • Help you design meal plans (we can develop meals around whatever you have in your pantry and freezer)
  • Discuss ways to bolster your immune system
  • Help you develop new exercise routines amid the closure of gyms and sports clubs
  • Provide ideas for ways to structure your days and manage stress
  • Support you in optimizing your sleep and circadian rhythm

Please book your sessions using the usual scheduling links I have sent you (if you can’t find this, please email me). When choosing the location for our session, click on “Zoom Videoconferencing” rather than the usual “Denver/Boulder Office.”

And if you’re not a client of mine yet but think you might need some nutrition support, check out my short- and long-term coaching programs here.

2. Monthly workshops and presentations 

These will continue to take place in the form of webinars. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to serve you the usual yummy snacks, but apart from that the content will be the same — a talk by me, supported by a PowerPoint presentation (which you will be sent by email after the webinar), Q&A throughout the workshop and a follow-up email with handouts, recipes, etc.

I will also offer public webinars, “Kitchen-Table Conversations,” for anyone who has nutritional questions. Please subscribe to my mailing list to be notified.

3. YouTube videos

After a seven-year hiatus I have recently relaunched by YouTube career! 🙂  My new channel is called Recipes for Disaster and I hope to post weekly videos with recipes and pep talks to help you nourish your way through the next few weeks/months. (To view my previous videos — filmed in France about eight years ago and with an emphasis on cancer prevention — they’re here. Lots of great immune-boosting and cancer-protective recipes.)

4. Recipes and blog posts

Lastly, I will start uploading more recipes and self-care articles here to my blog. Please subscribe to receive regular updates of new recipes and posts.

Remember: Self-care is our best ally in times of stress and overwhelm. Take heart — we’re in this together and I’ll support you as best I can.