Group Coaching

A two-hour meeting that introduces you to the principles of the Modern Mediterranean diet as they relate to your health goals. This consultation is for people seeking an audit of their diet and lifestyle habits, with broad recommendations for changes they might need to make.

During the Nutrition Evaluation --

  • We review your health issues, medical history, labs, diet and lifestyle (your physical activity, sleep, stress and emotions) and discuss ways in which these may be connected
  • I explain the general principles of the Modern Mediterranean diet as they relate to you
  • I recommend broad diet & lifestyle practices tailored to your health goals

After the meeting I send you a report summarizing our discussion and my recommendations, along with a copy of my Nutrition Evaluation Handbook

The Nutrition Evaluation does not provide coaching or practical tools like meal plans or recipes. It offers a broad overview with recommendations.

If you are seeking practical support with diet and lifestyle changes (meal plans, recipes, accountability and encouragement), I recommend that you:

  • sign up for one or more follow-up sessions after your Nutrition Evaluation (click here to book a 60-minute follow-up meeting), or
  • go straight for one of my coaching packages (Short-Term or Long-Term), which are more cost-effective and each include a two-hour Nutrition Evaluation.

This is because change takes time. 

Click here to purchase your Nutrition EvaluationCost: $300.