Nutrition Evaluation

A one-time visit that introduces the principles of the Modern Mediterranean diet. This consultation is for people who want an in-depth audit of their diet and lifestyle habits and want to know which areas to tweak.

During the two-hour Nutrition Evaluation --

  • We review your health issues, medical history, labs, diet and lifestyle
  • I present the general principles of the Modern Mediterranean diet as they relate to you
  • I recommend diet & lifestyle practices tailored to your needs

After the meeting I will send you a report summarizing our discussion and my recommendations, along with a copy of my Nutrition Evaluation Handbook

The Nutrition Evaluation does not provide ongoing coaching or practical tools like meal plans or recipes; those are included in my short-term and long-term coaching packages.

If you want follow-up support after your Nutrition Evaluation, you can sign up for individual follow-up sessions (click here to book a 60-minute follow-up meeting) or one of my coaching packages (Short-Term or Long-Term).

Click here to purchase your Nutrition EvaluationCost: $300.
Discounts available to those who qualify; please contact me if you wish to discuss this.