Short-Term Coaching

tomato soup with olive oil display

Not everyone needs long-term nutritional support. If you…

  • have been told by your doctor to eat a therapeutic diet (for instance, gluten-free, dairy-free, keto, soft food, etc.) and need help getting started,
  • are preparing for or recovering from cancer treatment, or need help with nutritional complications of cancer treatment,
  • are preparing for pregnancy,
  • have a family history of disease (for instance, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or Alzheimer’s disease) and want to learn how nutrition may help to reduce your risk, or
  • or simply want to shift to a more “Mediterranean” way of eating,

… then this is the program for you.

This package comprises five hours spread over four Zoom meetings:

  • Intake Session (90 minutes): We discuss your health goals review your medical history, labs, and body composition scan (where applicable), and analyze the nutritional quality of your meals.
  • Action-Planning Session (90 minutes): Based on the Intake Session, we formulate your health goals and nutrition action plan. We also review the main principles of the Mediterranean way of eating as it relates to your health goals.
  • Follow-Up Session 1 (60 minutes): We design a one-week meal plan tailored to your health goals, food preferences, nutritional needs, budget, time, etc. This includes recipes, product recommendations, and other practical tips.
  • Follow-Up Session 2 (60 minutes): We review how you’re getting on with your nutrition program and troubleshoot as needed.

If you feel you want more support once you’ve used up your package, you can book additional sessions at the same hourly cost.

Is this the right package for you? Want to ask me some questions before you commit? Discuss my sliding fee scale? If so, click here to book a free 20-minute discovery call.

Before signing up for this package, please talk with your doctor to get cleared for nutrition and lifestyle changes.