Conner’s presentation to our employees was very thorough and informative. All of the employees really enjoyed her style of teaching and her meal planning ideas and recipes. Her presentation really got everyone thinking and evaluating what healthy changes they can start to make.

John Graham

Owner and founder, Graham CPAs

If only I’d heard Conner’s wisdom when I was younger. I’m 65 now, but I’m determined to undo many of the bad habits and poor advice I was given over the years. It’s never too late!

Barbara D., Denver

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in January of this year and lost a considerable amount of weight (30 pounds). I felt weak and unable to function very well on a day-to-day basis. When I finally started feeling better I realized that I needed nutritional help to get back on track.

On the recommendation of a nurse at the cancer center I met with Conner and she lots of suggestions for things I could do to gain weight back (even as I started chemotherapy). She gave me handouts and articles, and helped me design a meal plan to make sure I was getting enough calories as well as protein and fat. Once I started to eat according to the plan I started gaining between 1/2 and 1 pound a week.

Conner has not only provided lots of helpful nutrition information, but also precious emotional support at a very difficult time in my life. I attribute my continuing weight gain, improved energy and feeling better in general all to Conner.

Cheri M., Boulder

I regularly attend Conner’s presentations and even though I think I know quite a lot about healthy eating, I always learn something new. Her presentations are chock-full of facts, delivered in a zesty style that makes them fun and memorable. Conner supports all her recommendations with solid science, which is very reassuring. Better still, she takes the scientific research to a level that’s easy to understand and remember. Thanks, Conner!

Sue G., Denver

I have gone through many difficulties during my life regarding food. I was eating the wrong foods, overdoing it, despairing and going on harsh diets. I got medical advice, worked with psychotherapists, and got help from my friends, but I got increasingly confused about what a “healthy diet” was supposed to mean. With Conner’s help, I have emerged from the “diet jungle” and now know which foods to choose and which to stay away from.

Conner is extremely enthusiastic, knowledgeable, diligent and compassionate. We started by working in great detail on my health history, including my constraints and requirements, and from day one I was preparing easy, attractive and delicious meals that made me feel better day by day. Literally day by day.

I enjoy cooking and eating beautiful, delicious food and do not like to be restricted too much. Conner’s recipes provide the perfect balance between “tasty” and “healthy,” and when I eat them I know I am nourishing every cell in my body. I feel more satisfied, my sleep is better and I am losing weight. My husband, my guests and I eat “normal,” delicious food, and I do not feel on a diet.

Eva M., London, UK

New studies keep coming out saying that foods we thought were bad are now good for us (like eggs), and foods we were told were great for us aren’t (like margarine). It’s terribly confusing! Thankfully, Conner has been able to clear my confusion around a lot of these issues and I’m feeling much more confident about my food choices. And since working with Conner, my labs have improved, too! 

Linda F., Denver