Most of us already know how to eat and live to support our health and well-being. So, why don’t we?

For many, our crazy-busy lives make it hard to find the time to cook and eat mindfully, and get the movement and rest our bodies crave. Restrictive diets, financial constraints, or medical conditions may make self-care difficult. Many people are confused by conflicting wellness advice. And for some, yo-yo dieting, weight discrimination, disordered eating, unhelpful exercise habits, trauma, and other emotional challenges make self-care feel fraught.

Because everyone has different needs, I have developed a wide range of services: 

  • Short-term coaching for people who need to make just a few dietary adjustments 
  • Long-term coaching for those with complex or long-standing health challenges that may require more comprehensive dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Group programs that provide compassionate peer support at a lower cost than one-on-one coaching
  • Bespoke services for folks with specific needs, like home-based cooking classes or guided shopping trips

If you’re not sure which approach best suits your needs, please schedule a free 20-minute discovery call to discuss this with me. 

My nutrition practice is based on three principles: 
  • Mediterranean: The Mediterranean way of eating and living is not a “diet” but a set of practices that evolved naturally over thousands of years along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This dietary pattern is supported by more research evidence than any other. 
  • Mindful: I take a weight-inclusive, mindfulness-based approach to dietary change that’s free from rigid rules and restrictions. Shifting to this way of eating not only supports physical well-being, it can also heal your relationship with food and your body, allowing you to live a more fulfilled and peaceful life. 
  • Metabolism: An estimated 90% of Americans experience metabolic imbalances (a.k.a. metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance) that are linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and dementia. The Mindful Mediterranean approach encompassing dietary and lifestyle changes can help improve metabolic function.
My Story

Like many health professionals, I came to this line of work through my own health struggles. Some 20 years ago, when I was a reporter at the Financial Times in London, I spent long hours in a windowless office, rarely exercised or slept enough, and sugar, coffee, and adrenaline were my primary fuel sources. I was plagued by recurring sinus infections, eczema, acne, digestive discomfort, and wildly fluctuating energy levels. When I was diagnosed with early-stage cervical cancer at 33, I knew it was time to make changes. 

I worked with a nutritionally oriented doctor and gradually shifted to a more nourishing diet, prioritized sleep, took gentle exercise, and developed better stress management tools. Soon I had more energy, calmer skin and sinuses, and fewer digestive troubles. I was so impressed by these changes that I quit journalism to train as a nutritionist. I also began preparing meals from scratch after years of rushed take-out meals. 

Moving to southwestern France in 2001 fanned the flames of my culinary interest. During the 11 years I spent shopping, cooking, and eating among the French, I came to love the Mediterranean way of eating. In 2012, I moved to Boulder, Colorado, where it’s surprisingly easy to live like a Mediterranean, even with Italy, Spain, Greece, and southern France far, far away.


Education & Certifications
  • Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® and Certified Nutrition Professional by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals 
  • Licensed AM I HUNGRY?® Mindful Eating Program Facilitator
  • Diploma in Nutritional Therapy with Distinction from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, London, UK
  • Registered “Foresight” Practitioner (British pre-conception consultancy)
  • Certificate in Counseling from Birkbeck College, London University 
  • B.Sc. London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)
  • I am trilingual in English, French, and German, and work with clients all over the world

Conner Middelmann